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Audits and Assessments

One of the first steps to ensuring accessibility compliance for an existing site is to find out where you stand. How compliant is your site or web application currently? Accessibility Associates can provide you with a site audit to tell you exactly how close you are to compliance and what is required to bring you to the desired level of compliance.

What Standards Can Be Used in the Audit?

Accessibility Associates can audit your site against the US government’s Section 508, the World Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Web Content Accessibilty Guidelines (W3C WAI WCAG), or any other standard for which standards are available.

How Do Audits or Assessments Work?

The audit is undertaken in two parts, the first is a software scan of your web site and the second is a human evaluation. The two together will provide you with a full audit or assessment.

There is a common belief that running software against a site will uncover all the problems and let you know how compliant a site is, where the problems are, and even how to fix them. While it is true that scanning software is an essential tool in the process, it is simply impossible for for software by itself ensure actual compliance. On a recent evaluation, less than 20% of problems were uncovered by the scanning software. Even major scanning software vendors acknowledge that a human evaluation is also required.